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Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper's have 3 types of service:


  1. Oil Change

  2. Inspection (I)

  3. Inspection (II)

If the display is flashing and the mileage is displayed as a negative you have gone past the time of service and are overdue. 

Your Service interval display is located in the center of the speedometer will notify you of which service type you need. Each time the vehicle is started the display will show the mileage until the next service is needed.

The services come in this order:

  1. Oil change

  2. Inspection (I)

  3. Oil change

  4. Inspection (II)

  5. Repeat


  • Oil and Filter 

  • Vehicle Health Check (90+ point inspection)


  • Air filter Element 

  • Serpentine Belt - 60,000 miles for Cooper S 

  • Brake Fluid - Every 2 years (dealer recommended) 

  • Coolant - Every 4 years 

  • Oxygen Sensor - Replace at 100,000 miles 

  • Spark Plugs - Replace at 100,000 miles

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